Why did we create Burrow?

If you've ever bought a sofa, you know that it's a truly painful experience. Once you have your sofa, it becomes the center of all the action, yet it feels more like stubborn baggage than an easy wingman. It’s either cheap and flimsy, or heavy and expensive, and inevitably won’t fit into your next space. But without it, your house is not a home, and your living room has no life.

Life and living rooms change, but your couch should be there through all of it. Designed to be part of your story, Burrow understands that home is where your couch is. Here's what we created:

  • A direct-to-consumer model that guarantees consistency and quality at a surprisingly low price, by removing the crazy markup
  • A high-end, high-quality sofa designed by an award-winning, luxury furniture designer
  • A free delivery model where you'll receive lightweight boxes that can be easily carried upstairs, and through doorways
  • An intuitive assembly process that takes less than ten minutes, no tools required
  • A customizeable solution to fit your current space, and the next, by allowing you to swap out arms, legs, cushions, and even add or remove sections as needed
  • Luxurious comfort with the support you need to work, nap, "get romantic" or Netflix binge for hours on end
  • A hidden power cradle to charge your phone or laptop without getting up off the couch
  • A 100-day return policy and the ability to buy replacement parts to change the look or size of your sofa over time


Meet the Founders

Stephen and Kabeer met in business school. They were laughing about how ridiculously hard it was to buy a high-quality sofa at an affordable price, and how it was even harder to move a sofa into an apartment (read more about this in Stephen's first blog post). They incorporated their personalities and life experiences into the design of Burrow.

Stephen Kuhl
Kabeer Chopra

Stephen Kuhl

Stephen developed a passion for building companies when he co-founded an international education consulting startup out of college. He gained experience growing well-known brands as a strategy consultant at Accenture. More recently, he invested in several high-growth businesses while at Commonfund Capital. Stephen received a BS from Cornell University and is pursuing his MBA at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

After herniating two discs in his back while rowing in college, Stephen appreciates great support while sitting down. He made sure Burrow sofas are ergonomically perfect for multi-hour Netflix binges.


Kabeer Chopra

Kabeer is passionate about the intersection of retail and technology. He co-founded an in-store mobile experience platform and has also launched e-commerce and mobile applications for several start-ups. More recently, he managed global retail analytics for Michael Kors and played a pivotal role in their digital innovation team. Kabeer received a BENG from McGill University and is pursuing his MBA at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

From his hair to his shoes, Kabeer pays close attention to style, and insisted that Burrow sofas be equally as fashionable. Kabeer is often ashamed to be seen with his co-founder in public.



Meet Our Designer, Leah K.S. Amick


Leah is inspired by practical objects with a pure and understated aesthetic, where form and function elegantly coincide. She chose a black and white photo because designers are artistic like that. Here's just a small sample of her impressive accolades: 

First Place, AWFS Freshwood Competition (2009); Finalist, IWF Design Emphasis Competition (2010); International Semi-Finalist, James Dyson Award (2010); Best in Show, Fine Furnishings Show (Pawtucket Arts Center, 2014); Pen and Chisel Award (RISD Furniture Department, 2015); Named in “Product Designers on the Rise” by HD Talks (2015); Named in "Meet the New Faces of Manufacturing" by AWFS (2015); 2nd Place, Champagne Chair Contest (Design Within Reach, 2016).