What are the dimensions of the sofa?

The 3-seater sofa is 86” long, 34” high, and 32” deep with a sitting space of about 75”. The 2-seater sofa is 61” long, 34” high, and 32” deep with a sitting space of about 50”.


How much is the sofa?

The 3-seater sofa is $950 and the 2-seater sofa is $750. If you’d like additional seats they are $200 a piece, so a 4-seater would be $950+$200. Individual seat modules on their own are $250.


What is the sofa made from?

We use a pine frame, MDF inserts, multiple high-density layers of foam for the cushions and fabrics that are a blend of cotton and polyester.


Does it really assemble without tools?

Yes. The process takes just under 10 minutes.


Does it dis-assemble as easily as it assembles?

Yes. We tested this extensively.


What is the $95 deposit for?

We use the deposit to lock your place in line for when we start shipping. When we ship your sofa, we'll charge you the remaining balance minus any promo codes and referral discounts that have been earned.


Is the deposit refundable if I change my mind before the sofa ships?

Yes, if I you decide that you don’t need a sofa anymore we will fully refund your deposit.


What if I don’t like the sofa after I get it?

We offer a 100-day, no-questions-asked trial period. There is no shipping fee associated with the return and we will fully refund the deposit and any other payments made towards the sofa.


Where are you located?

We were in Palo Alto over the summer, but have since moved to New York City.


Where is the sofa made?

We manufacture our sofas in Mexico City.


How does the referral program work?

When you reserve your sofa you will be given a unique referral code. Share the referral code with your friends and for every friend who buys, you each get $50 off the price of your sofa. You can read more about our referral program here.


Do you offer sectionals?

We will be offering an ottoman in late spring / early summer that can be added to the sofa to create an L-shaped couch of sorts.


Do you ship to Canada?

Not yet, but we'll be hooking our boy J-Biebs up pretty soon.


Are the cushion covers removable?

Unfortunately no, as the cushions are tufted on one side. They are spill resistant and easy-to-clean though.


Does the foam or fabric contain flame retardant chemicals (PBDEs)?

No, we do not treat our foam or fabrics with any flame retardant chemicals, though our sofas are compliant with TB 117-2013 requirements.


Do you have more pictures? 

Please email us at [email protected] for any specific picture requests. Our new website, coming in spring 2017, will have a lot more to see.