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“My Burrow looks and feels like something I can't afford, but it was easier to get than anything else out there.”

Greg (24) from New York, NY

“The Burrow couch was the perfect solution for me and my roommates.  Great look and very easy to assemble - can't believe it comes in 4 small boxes the size of a garment box.”

Mike (28) from West Los Angeles, CA


“This was the first sofa I could fit through the front door without smashing my hands in the doorway. And it was way too easy to assemble for being so nice.”

Chris (29) from San Jose, CA

“It's simply a fan favorite. Style, comfort, chargers for those disconnected but still loveable friends - it has everything. Looking forward to more pieces - and the easy set up - to augment my home.”

Eric from TriBeCa, NY


“Extra space comes at a significant premium in NYC. I chose Burrow because it solves so many problems with buying a couch. I was a little apprehensive at first without being able to see it in a showroom, but it looks and feels great. I'm thoroughly impressed!”

Joseph (29) from New York, NY

“Great sofa guys! I love that it comes in separate pieces...I had no trouble getting it up the stairs to my apartment.”

Jake (28) from Detroit, MI


“I have a really hectic schedule. This summer alone I have traveled to eight different cities for work. There really is no greater feeling than finally getting home at the end of a long week and curling up on my heavenly Burrow couch with my boyfriend, Winter, and puppy, Granite.”

Danesha (28) from San Francisco, CA

“My girlfriend and I had just moved to a new place and we needed a couch. I looked all over the internet and went to several stores and found the experience to be really cumbersome and lacked a lot of transparency. Then I came across Burrow and I couldn’t have been happier with the entire experience from the ease of ordering, to the ease of the set up, and my girlfriend is loving the way it is making our apartment look.”

Patrick (25) from San Francisco, CA


“Late night roommate living room chats over Mexican food never felt so comfortable. Shipping and assembly are simple, just like Casper. Looking forward to more Burrow living room pieces.”

Aaron (28) from New York, NY

“Great look, luxury feel. This sofa is lit!”

Sasha (27) from San Francisco, CA


“I love how versatile Burrow is. I can charge electronics while sitting on something that looks and feels amazing.”

Jason (28) from San Francisco, CA

“I never thought my couch would be the easiest thing to move into my new house. I love it! Can't wait for more Burrow furniture!”

Scott (31) from Washington, D.C.


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